the "Collector"

the "Collector"

Elevate your luxury watch care with our exclusive Collector's Kit, suitable for Rolex, Omega, TAG Heuer, and more. Valued at $124.00, this comprehensive kit is designed to clean, polish, restore, and remove scratches, ensuring your prized timepieces remain in pristine condition.

With over 30 years of experience in restoring and caring for luxury watches, we'll guide you through safely and quickly removing light and deep scratches, as well as cleaning and polishing your watches the correct way. Our 3-step system will equip you with the knowledge to identify watches that need restoring, instantly increasing their value while keeping your collection "ready to sell" for top dollar when you're ready to trade up or profit.

Watch & Band Cleaning:

  • MyWatchCare Metals Deep Cleaning Foam Spray
  • MyWatchCare Air-less Spray Watch & Band Cleaner
  • MWC Twist Applicator Leather Band Cleaner
  • Set of 3 Brushes: Ultra Fine to Wash-Out

Scratch Removal & Restore:

  • Bergeon 2290 Flexible Buff Stick
  • MWC Micro-Sanding Papers
  • MWC Brush/Satin Finish Pads

Polish & Fine Finishing:

  • SunShine Yellow Polish Cloth
  • SunShine Blue Polish Cloth
  • SunShine Pink Dual Use Cloths for heavy polish and satin finishing


  • Cape Cod Polish Cloths
  • MWC Rubber Dive Band Conditioner
  • MWC Leather Band Natural Cream Conditioner
  • Ed Hicks Premium Micro-Fiber Cloth

Make Work Easy Stuff:

  • Micro-Cleaning Swabs
  • Finger Protectors & Gloves
  • Cleaning Pick
  • White Jewelers Gloves
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Grip Backed Work Pad
  • Complete Instructions

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Cape Cod:
Cape Cod Polish Cloths
MyWatchCare Watch Cleaner
SunShine Polish Cloths
MyWatchCare Papers:
MyWatchCare Polish Papers
MyWatchCare Jewelers Cloths
MyWatchCare Pads:
MyWatchCare Finish Pads
MyWatchCare Foam:
Watch Foam Cleaner

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