WatchMedic Restore

WatchMedic Restore

Transform your watch with our easy-to-use restoration kit, perfect for 1 to 2 watch restorations. Our fast and efficient 3-step system ensures your timepiece looks as good as new, helping you fetch top dollar when it's time to sell.

Step 1: Remove Scuffs & Scratches

Say goodbye to imperfections with our precision tools:

  • Micro-Sanding Papers
  • Hermes Flex Cloths
  • Brushed Re-Finish Pads

Step 2: Polish to Perfection

Achieve a flawless finish with our premium polishes:

  • SunShine Pink & Blue Polish Cloths
  • Cape Cod Polish Cloth with Protecting Agents

Step 3: Clean With Ease

Restore brilliance with our QuikBrite Spray Cleaner, offering over 70 pumps of airless spray for optimal cleaning power.

Kit Includes:

  • Micro-Sanding Papers
  • Hermes Flex Cloths
  • Brushed Re-Finish Pads
  • Cape Cod Polish Cloth (1 - 4" x 6" cloth)
  • SunShine Dual Action Satin Pink Cloth
  • SunShine Blue Polish Cloth
  • QuikBrite Watch Cleaning Spray with Over 70 Pumps
  • 2 Brushed - Fine & Firm
  • Magnifying Glass
  • Band Removal Tool
  • Micro-Cleaning Swabs
  • Wood Cleaning Tips
  • Gloves & Finger Cots
  • Grip Work Pad
  • Easy to Follow Instructions

With over 1,800 kits sold and fast, free delivery within the U.S., you can trust in our proven results. Plus, buy with confidence thanks to our money-back guarantee. Turn your watch into a masterpiece today!

Quikbrite Watch Cleaner
Cape Cod Polish:
Cape Cod Polish Cloth
Sunshine Polish Cloths:
Sunshine Pink Cloth

How Can We Help You Today?

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