"Pro" Rotary Set

"Pro" Rotary Set

Unleash the full potential of your restoration projects with our comprehensive 115-piece pro-level kit. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a passionate hobbyist, this kit has everything you need to achieve professional-grade results and breathe new life into your watches and jewelry.

Key Components:

  • Ogeto 3-Speed Cordless Rotary Tool: Harness the power of precision with three speed settings for optimal polishing and buffing.
  • 17 Pro Rotary Polishing Wheels & Buffs: Includes SunShine Yellow Polishing Wheel for achieving impeccable results.
  • 4 Cuts of LUXI Polishing Compound: Custom-matched to your needs, these cuts ensure high-polish results for dozens of applications.
  • Cape Cod Polish Cloth Pack: Two 4" x 6" cloths for effective cleaning, polishing & maintenance.
  • Cape Cod Clean Link Twist Applicator Brush: Lubricates bezel, band links, and band clasps for smooth operation.
  • SunShine Dual-Purpose Cloth: Two cuts each of SunShine Blue, Yellow, and "Satin" Pink cloths for versatile cleaning.
  • MyWatchCare Jewelers Micro-polishing Sandpaper: Specifically designed for scratch removal, ensuring a flawless finish.
  • Hermes Jewelers Wet/Dry Sandpaper: Tackle deeper scratches with ease using this specialized sandpaper.
  • Brushed/Satin Finish Pads: Four grit levels for achieving the perfect finish on brushed stainless steel surfaces.
  • 4oz Airless QuikBrite 200 Pump Cleaner: Restore the original factory finish with this fast, biodegradable cleaner.
  • MyWatchCare Foam Cleaner: Gentle yet effective foam cleaner for thorough cleaning.
  • Professional Quality Buffing Cloths: Two 12" x 12" buffing cloths for professional-grade finishing.
  • Quality Brushes: Three brushes ranging from super fine to extra strong for comprehensive cleaning.
  • Professional Work Mat: Soft and absorbent mat for comfortable and efficient work.
  • 10X Magnifying Glass: Enhance precision with this powerful magnifying glass.
  • Pro Band Removal & Clasp Adjustment Tool: Ensure smooth operation with this professional-grade tool.
  • Micro-Cleaning Swabs: Forty swabs for precision cleaning.
  • Protective Hand Gloves and Finger Protectors: Four gloves and ten finger protectors for safety during restoration.
  • High Heat Tape: Mask off areas of bracelet, bezel, and shoulders with ease.
  • Zippered Case: Keep your tools organized and secure with this convenient zippered case.

Detailed instructions are included, and your satisfaction is guaranteed with our money-back guarantee. Elevate your restoration projects to the next level with our ultimate 115pc Pro Level Restoration Kit!


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