Polishing Cloth Add On

Polishing Cloth Add On

Enhance the shine and brilliance of your watches and jewelry with our Polishing Cloth Add-On. This premium selection of polishing cloths is the perfect complement to your existing care kit, ensuring your collection maintains its luster.

  • 2 Cape Cod "Final Protect" Polish Cloths (4" x 6"): These cloths provide the final touch, leaving behind a protective finish to maintain the shine of your pieces.
  • 2 SunShine "Yellow" Aggressive Polish Cloths: Ideal for tackling stubborn stains and scratches, these cloths offer aggressive polishing power.
  • 2 SunShine "Blue" Fine Polish Cloths: Designed for gentle yet effective polishing, these cloths provide a fine finish to enhance the beauty of your items.

Elevate your polishing routine with our Polishing Cloth Add-On. Order now to give your collection the attention it deserves!


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