Bergeon 2290 Flexible Polishing Buff Stick

Bergeon 2290 Flexible Polishing Buff Stick

Elevate your polishing game with the Bergeon 2290 Flexible Polishing Buff Stick. This versatile tool is designed to effortlessly restore the shine and luster of your watches and jewelry.

Key Features:

  • Bergeon 2290 Flexible Polishing Buff: Crafted with precision and flexibility, this buff stick is perfect for reaching difficult-to-access areas and achieving professional-grade polishing results.
  • 1 12" x 12" White Clean Cloth: Keep your workspace tidy with this high-quality clean cloth, ideal for wiping away excess polish and maintaining a pristine finish.

With the Bergeon 2290 Flexible Polishing Buff Stick, you can achieve a flawless shine with ease. Order now and experience the difference in your polishing routine!


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